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Apr 17, 2005, 01:02 AM
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Assault the Flag Mode
Valid Modes: Capture the Flag
Requirements: Jazz Creation Station Map Editor
No, this idea didn't originate in Halo, although that's probably the most widely-recognized incarnation.(And I figured the way they titled it worked best for a title for this mode.)
Basically, it's Capture the Flag mode. . .with one minor alteration. Blue Team starts at the Red Base, and Red Team starts at the Blue Base. So in short, you have to break into your own base to score a point. This works well in Halo and ZDaemon(a source-port of Doom/Doom II), but I dunno how well it would work in Jazz Jackrabbit 2, though it's easy enough to do.(All it requires is Jazz Creation Station for v1.2x, honestly.) I guess, depending on the "level of ownage" being introduced into the mix, this mode would pretty much end up like normal Capture the Flag mode. But then, it might not. Imagine the surprise of being ambushed in your own base while waiting for your team to return your flag!

(Weapon of Choice)-Mania Mode
Valid Modes: Any!
Requirements: Jazz Creation Station Map Editor
Familiar with those oh-so-delicious "Rockets Arena" or "Sniper Rifle Only" modifications to games like Unreal Tournament and Quake? Though we can't make these modes in Jazz 2 as convenitionally as we could in various FPS games, this is another simple-to-make mode.
Make a map in JCS, but just make it so whenever someone spawns, they spawn their way through a couple of Power Up crates. Or even just a truckload of weapon pick-ups.(RF Missiles, Seekers, Toasters, etc.) This was done in one of the Capture the Flag maps in the Anniversary Bash VII Map Pack, in fact.
Valid Weaponry: Blaster, Bouncer, Seeker, RF Missile, Toaster, Pepper Spray, Electro Blaster, Flame Shield*, Aqua Shield*, Electric Shield*
Invalid Weaponry: Freezer, TNT
* = Probably a bad idea, honestly. They're, first and foremost, shields, afterall.

TNT Mania
Valid Modes: Battle(Suggested), Treasure(Just takes a while. . .), Race(I guess?)
Requirements: Jazz Creation Station Map Editor
Here's a unique idea that I doubt anyone has the patience for!
Make a small, semi-cramped room in JCS with a platform in the dead center. Stock it with nothing but TNT and make all the walls. Now. . . Spawn the players above the platform and make all the walls around the center platforms "Hurt". Why? So you can TNT your opponents off into oblivion!! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha. . .ha. . .yeah. There's be no way to tell who killed who, most likely. . . But, eh. I tried.

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