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Karrot Shire is an open world game based on Jazz Jackrabbit 2. In essentials, it is simply a large Jazz2 level with an add-on program. However, the scope of Karrot Shire is quite enormous, which is why we like to call it a 'game' instead of merely a 'level'.

In a way, Karrot Shire is like a 'hotel' or 'sandbox', because coins are still scattered everywhere and you can still buy houses and furniture if you wish it. However, this is not 'the point' of the game: you’ll have nearly 50 quests to complete in a GTA-style fashion.

Random Features

Very dynamic game world
Secrets tracking
Saved games entirely managed by the Utility (offline)

The story
There you are, sitting inside a plane, on your way to your holiday destination. And then suddenly, your destination is changed. Your plane crashes on an island that belongs to a district on Carrotus called Karrot Shire. This is a place where many opportunities await you, but also many challenges. Life will not be easy, for a gang calling itself the 'Dark Hand' is gaining in strength and plotting the downfall of everything you see around you. Soon, you will find out that the plane was brought down for a reason…

We have a completely revamped, though still unfinished version that works quite well. We will be making that available on J2O when we're satisfied with it. In the mean time, you can beta test KS if you want to (also see the post later in this thread).

So, no more online accounts. The data will still be accessible if you wish to import it to the new version.
Karrot Shire is on its way.

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