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Dec 8, 2014, 01:54 PM
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It's very unlikely someone will do it for you. At best the description is relatively vague and ideas thrown all over, with no thought how well it would work in practice.

I've had thoughts about team treasure, but it wouldnt work in practice mechanically. Each has their own major flaws:

Assuming the gem amount is dependent on the team itself, a team member could sit at the exit, doing absolutely nothing and win instantly the moment their teammates have enough gems. Or at some point, a cluster of players would be chainshooting near the exit.

Or, trouble with communication: If gem amount still depended on the player, how would you pass gems to your teammate without typing? Treasure can get pretty chaotic, so there's not much time for typing. Who would be the leader? Without one, there could be arguments on who is the gem collector.

If you can think of a way team treasure would actually work though, be my guest.

You don't seem to understand that in the olympics, that participators specialise in certain sports. So it's not really like the olympics, it's a watered-down JDC with players representing their countries.

I don't think splitting into nations is a good idea. Making a country win based on medals would make it more into "Whatever country has the highest amount of "pro" and most active players wins". And then if you're so eager of having every nation to participate in every event, it's a huge pain to organise. I prefer balanced teams much more.

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