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Dec 9, 2014, 04:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Treylina View Post
If you can think of a way team treasure would actually work though, be my guest.
I indeed have an idea how it would work:
There are two vaults (bases?) for each team. The players from the team collect gems and all of their collected gems store in the base.
Example: Two teammates. Each one has like 30 gems. they both go to the vault, and store their gems, and the vault will have 60 gems (30+30=60 ). i'm no programmer though, so maybe this ain't possible...
Originally Posted by Treylina View Post
I don't think splitting into nations is a good idea. Making a country win based on medals would make it more into "Whatever country has the highest amount of "pro" and most active players wins". And then if you're so eager of having every nation to participate in every event, it's a huge pain to organise. I prefer balanced teams much more.
Fine, then i guess i started this thread for nothing.