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Dec 13, 2014, 02:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Jelly Jam View Post
The default multiplayer modes, ofcourse. As well as the custom battle and ctf gamemodes(LRS, pest, roast tag, flag run, domination, jailbreak etc.). Race should be in there, too, since nobody plays it anymore. If there was a way to start the race with /cstart (is there? cause i don't know ). I really don't know what to do about the coop mode, since you can't be the best jj2 playing country if you didn't compete in ALL of the gamemodes.
Also, since the booty treasure contest is over, we should have maps for a treasure tourney
If only there was a team treasure hunt mode, that would be awesome
Who do you think would be able to host all that? I can host but my time resources are limited. Hosting events in all those gamemodes would take weeks, do you realize that? Because after a competition in one mode, it would take some rest before most people could play seriously again, in another type of game, while still keeping administration and moderation of hosting the server in place.

And, there is too the issue of collecting and analyzing all the data from the results of the contests. When someone won, who has to announce "Jelly Jam won gold medal for the planet Mars" on TV and radio? How do we get people to even pay attention if they don't play? And which players would be invited to represent any country?

In real olympics, every country has a committee for each sport to decide who will make the team, who will try out, who will practice who will replace and substitute. In jazz national tournament each team gets a captain to recruit players for a 3v3 team which is common practice. What ensures that the teams can play on an equal playing field?