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Dec 13, 2014, 02:18 PM
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Yeah, actually maybe just choose one single gamemode, and focus on that and see if it can get done. I'd just have to say, it shouldn't be CTF since that would make this a NT clone, and battle is played out already, JDC is enough for battle games really. I always loved bank robbery but there aren't many levels and not many people who know how to operate it.

So I would suggest LRS. LRS is fairly popular in camel duels and other servers, especially when people want something other than CTF but not overplayed battle or non-competitive ground force. Pestilence gets some play too in rare, random moments, but I've definitely seen more LRS than pest. Most of the other modes are only played infrequently, for JDC events or when someone hosts a special server. (And race is for crazy obsessive people like when I played with my sister years ago.)

So anyway, imagine who the likely countries to play would be (or which countries would be most likely able to field a team if they're interested).

- Poland
- Romania
- Egypt
- Serbia
- Germany
- Netherlands

Other teams could be possible as well, surely there's others who might have other ideas. I'm not going to name every country in JJ2 but those seem to me like the countries with the most active representative players. So, see if there's any interest from someone who would like to be a captain for any of those countries. If there's players, then that's a start.