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Apr 22, 2021, 08:42 PM
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Volunteer to Translate JJ2+

Playing JJ2+ in any language than English can be awkward, especially online, because of the haphazard mixture of text that's translated (because it's in the normal game) and text that's in English (because it was added by JJ2+). An upcoming JJ2+ feature hopes to add translations for all text added by JJ2+, in new files equivalent to German.j2s, French.j2s, and so on. For this we'll need people who are fluent in both English and at least one other language to volunteer to translate text into other languages.

Additional notes:
  • Most real-world languages are fine, but we're probably not going to distribute, say, a pirate translation.
  • If JJ2+ doesn't currently support certain characters used by your language, let me know... maybe we can work something out, maybe we can't, idk.
  • If there's a language that you're fluent in that doesn't already have a .j2s file (i.e. normal JJ2 has not already been translated in), please start there.
  • It's fine to mention a language someone else has already mentioned. More eyes should make better translations anyway.
  • JJ2+ will fall back to English for any untranslated strings, so if you can make only a partial commitment and only translate a subset of the text, that's still useful.
  • I recognize that translation is professional work and I'm asking you to do it for free. Sorry. I don't make a dime out of this either.