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Aug 14, 2021, 12:41 PM
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I've finished writing reviews for both entries. I notice I didn't specify for myself how I was going to judge a winner, so I'll have to wing this: both levels have a lot of points in their favor. Tomatoe Garden has lusher graphics, more variety in gameplay, more embrace of the JJ2 engine, and maybe a slightly better boss. Lori Fortress has tighter design, far fewer bugs, better weapon use, and greater replayability. I think their respective authors should be proud of each, but ultimately, and crucially: this is a Lori contest. Lori Fortress has much, much more Lori in it, and that has to put it over the edge and make Primpy the winner. However, because Primpy already owns Dust on Steam, I think I should offer Dragusela the Dust key as a consolation prize, and Primpy and I can talk later about what else I might have keys for that might be desirable, in addition to Outlast and the $10.