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Jul 20, 2021, 09:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Love & Thunder View Post

You bounce very quickly, so the timing is crazy narrow. Similarly, getting all the collectibles on the left-hand side of level 3 without getting launched up so you can't get the ones on the right is very difficult. (Though the choice of the left-hand ones over the right-hand ones is arbitrary)
Thanks. It's good to have your opinion on these. I found them nice challenges and they didn't randomly fail the section for me, I wouldn't have considered them.

It's probably good then to cut the yellows from level 1, and to cut either single cluster of yellows from level 3. With the overall reasoning: It's okay to have people remember the section from playing and failing 1-2 times, but It's bad to have finnicky design when you can't backtrack.

yes, I think we should just get the first patch out and say "[...]"
All right, I'll focus then on documenting the changes for patch 1 (both for webpage, for GOG, and for players), writing release notes, and eventually playing through the entire 1.3 + patch 1.

On the worry that a second patch gets ignored: I have a similar worry with the 1.0/1.2 goodies; It feels like patch 1 is the single opportunity to get important stuff in. The answer to this is good politics, thanks for the well-formulated proposal where we explain that there will be more patching in a few months.

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