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Apr 22, 2020, 08:43 AM
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Post Single Screen 4 Contest???

It’s been over 8 years since the last contest of this nature, but since we’re all self-isolating, how about we have a bit of fun while doing it?

The main rules:
Your level must fit in a single screen (25x19 tiles) or 2x2 screens (50x38 tiles), and no more. These are calculated using 800x600 resolution. Since 600 pixels divided by 32 pixels (in a tile) is not an integer: if you do opt for a single screen (25x19), you are requested to attach some form of camera-freezing script with your level. An example may be:
void onPlayer(jjPLAYER@ play) { play.cameraFreeze(0, 0, false, true); }
void onPlayer(jjPLAYER@ play) {
    if (jjResolutionWidth == 800 && jjLocalPlayerCount < 2 && !play.isSpectating) {
        play.cameraFreeze(0, 0, false, true); 
    } else play.cameraUnfreeze(true);
You are NOT allowed to use script-wizardry to make the level larger than the above dimensions.
Level judging will be split into two categories; levels with scripts, and levels with minimal to no scripting. Minimal includes (but isn’t limited to) things like camera-locking, palette edits, custom guns, or features that can be done in MLLE. The judges will have the final say on what category a level falls into; but if you are unsure and want clearer guidelines - do not hesitate to contact me.
You may only enter the contest once for each judging category; however your entry may also be an entry to any other existing contests, so long as it satisfies the rules (such as Violet’s Lori contest, or p2ba’s J2C contest).
• Your level may be any game mode you please.
Maps must be submitted to J2O, and tagged with “ss4”.
• You have until Sunday 17th May 2020, at 23:59 GMT to submit your level.

If you are looking for motivation:
• Here is a list of entries to the previous edition of this contest:
• Or an example level made here:

Levels will be judged by a panel of people that I will approach personally.
Alternatively, if you are interested in judging, please contact me!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or need help with any of the above!

Good luck, and most importantly: have fun!

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