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Mar 28, 2019, 01:58 PM
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Once again sorry it's against rules(trolling/spamming) of this forum for bumping one year old thread just like I keep mentioning and telling you about European Parliament article 11 and 13. So it seems admins and mods will have to implement and install (correct me if I'm wrong) something similar to YouTube content ID(I guess this comment anytime soon might be deleted probably by moderator or administrator actually it's out of any questions) probably European Parliament's bots will have to in future scan(for instance in this very forum not only this thread/topic) YouTube link videos and screenshots will be probably deleted if it will violate copyrights probably European artificial intelligence (monitoring our activity kind of like on discord servers) will report our actions to Epic Games and Tencent. I hope those unofficial patches(those ones are freeware,creative common,open licence,not in official purposes) won't violate new copyrights (copyright infringement) not DMCA. I hope this appeal and info is very important to you. Does author/creator of this thread totally aware of it?Does he know what's going to happen?I'm afraid I'll deserve to be temporarily or permanently banned. I guess it's up to council of admins and mods what they will do with my account.Please don't delete this posted comment? One more time I want to say sorry for not listening.
Anyway this is the only way I can defend myself.

Did I show you this texture before?
It is related to JazzGruff's jazz Jackrabbit 3 unofficial patches (it's actually name of this thread) I made this texture in standards of late 90's PC(Andrew75 are using some reverse engineering tactics of textures design implementing/importing them to unreal engine/editor editor 4 speaking of his open source fangame project Sonic"AXSX"X-Treme however he won't be willing to help with stuff things related to old jazz Jackrabbit 3 alpha demos both of them were leaked probably in 2007 and 2017 due to his lack of interest I was talking with him on discord privately)or and video games home console hardwares style. However map design in unreal engine/editor 1(old and outdated) was a nightmare(not in case of unreal engine/editor 4) one year ago. I was struggling a lot so then I realized it was not worth of my effort,time and patience.
Can you tell me is this video (yeah it's obvious that it's fake I watched it before so I saw this in 2018 for a first time) could it be Unity or Unreal Engine 4 kind of Fortnite Battle Royale demake because I'm not sure,but it's still looking interesting, don't you guys think? Back to discussing about other miscellaneous textures I'm helpless and reckless what else I can show you now or anytime soon. Sometimes I regret since 2018 and now because if Epic Games Store would compete with Steam in 2004 we would have more Epic Games PC games access to more tools and more their PC games modding freedom of many possibilities even if in that case Jazz Jackrabbit 3 jj3d was never finished and the most likely left neglected just like Unreal Tournament 2016 ut4 pre-alpha demo still available on PC epic games store launcher. One more thing usually sometimes ut4xconverter is not converting maps from old unreal engine powered PC games it's little bit malfunctioning this tool also require to download unreal model viewer for converting textures compatible with unreal tournament editor. There's YouTube user nicknamed The Regressor he made awesome Undertale 3d animations including maps with psone/Sega Saturn/Dreamcast/N64 aesthetics so he might be willing to help.

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