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Sep 10, 2019, 10:56 PM
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This is an .HTML format Jazz Jackrabbit 2 fangame that I made, it is taken from an online looped image of the JJ2 intro animation.

Jackrabbit Group Fight

It's playable as a jackrabbit boxing simulation game. In the wild, jackrabbits are said to naturally do slapboxing. In Jackrabbit Group Fight, you need only to click on Jazz's head to cause the HTML webpage to refresh, and thus register that your strike connected in an HTML-generated zone of the animated .GIF image. The source HTML files at the above URL can be viewed as "View Frame Source" and "Page Source" in Opera Developer webbrowser. The intent of this game is hypothetically to test lag for webpage refreshes on the internet, or on your computer if you happened to download the framed .HTML file and its encoded .GIF file.

Although my opinion is that this isn't a really enjoyable webbrowser game, it exists, and I recreated it after the original version from 2014 was taken offline. The animation is strictly pirated from JJ2, it's mostly just creating a strike zone for this looped animation, and pretending that clicking in the strike zone raises your credit score, thereby lagging the internet by refreshing the webpage.

In HTML, if you wanted to reproduce this file, the HTML code is just:


{title}Jackrabbit Group Fight{/title}


{img src="Jazz_Jackrabbit_2_(PC)_02.gif" width="640" height="480" alt="Jackrabbit Group Fight" usemap="#JGF"}

{map name="JGF"}
{area shape="circle" coords="320,120,64" href="JGF.html" alt="JGF"}

as shown with an advertizement in the file "JGF.html" hosted online.

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