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May 21, 2020, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Treylina View Post
Alternatively, you can discuss what the TV adaption could've been like.
Well it could've been like be on the lines of Sonic SatAM, Exosquad, Wing Commander Academy, and Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars with a storyline and time development like Steven Universe. It would be its semi-canon with some connections to the games (though there will be some references from the games), and fan content would also be referenced and used. The cartoon would start with Jazz, Spaz, and Eva enjoying the peace on Carrotus. When Devan Shell came by and shattered the once-peaceful Kingdom, by launching a devastating attack on Carrotus after rebuilding his force to what it was in Jazz 1 level. Devan planned on conquering Carrotus and enslaving the surviving rabbits. But, Devan Shell called away to Aeschylus, Devan's homeworld. Devan left Carrotus in ruin, after setting up a secret laboratory on Carrotus. Elements from both games Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and Jazz Jackrabbit 2. Still aspects from the "made to be" Jazz Jackrabbit 3, and the GBA version of Jazz Jackrabbit. Fan characters are used as well. It would be a storyline series with the use of story arcs like Steven Universe. Major Arcs cover multiple seasons; Minor Arcs cover a whole season. Major Operations cover multiple episodes; Minor Operations covers a single episode's main plot. In contrast, dispatch and homeworld investigations include an episode's side plot. Initially, those who are loyal to Jazz Jackrabbit are his brother Spaz, best friend Eva and Queen Earlong. Early on, Lori Jackrabbit and Razz Earlong become loyal to Jazz. Jazz from then forms Team Jazz, a team of rabbits loyal to Jazz dedicated to defeating Devan Shell. Midway in Season 1, Zoe Connentail (from the GBA version of Jazz Jackrabbit) becomes a member of Team Jazz. Another member of Team Jazz joins the fold Ian J. Burn who is the James Bond Jr. of the Jazz Jackrabbit universe and comes from Earth from the milky way galaxy. Devan Shell will also have his counterpart to Team Jazz at the start of the cartoon consisting of Dirven Shell, Cosmo Shell (Devan's scientist cousin), Evil Jazz, Salti Crust (from the fan comic Guilty Gene), Kazz Jackrabbit (the "modern" Jazz Jackrabbit from the GBA version of Jazz Jackrabbit) and Dark Shell (at first). Just like Steven Universe, the characters would develop over time. Razz would create his rabbit army to outmatch Devan's turtle army as well as coming up with neat ideas to defend Carrotus and retake planets under turtle control. At the same time, Razz becomes more like a rabbit version of Devan Shell, and Razz would start going too far by wiping out innocent civilans. Devan Shell realizes what he had done and attempts a heel-face turn. Dark Shell becomes more merciless and frames Devan Shell for killing rabbit civilians. Kazz Slickhare also defects from Team Shell to become a Shadow-like antagonist to Jazz. There will be new species in the cartoon, like scorpions who are just as cruel and brutal as Razz was towards turtles. A species of smart, intelligent monkeys who conquers other planets to expand their businesses. A species of space-faring toads whose homeworld was destroyed by the scorpions and became allies with the rabbits. One of the reviles in the cartoon is that Devan Shell's homeworld is Aeschylus. It serves as a significant plot point in Season 4, where Razz's revenge plan is to blow up Aeschylus with the Razz Station laser cannon. The same way Devan Shell did to Carrotus at the start of the cartoon. Unlike Devan plans to enslave every surviving rabbit. Razz plans to execute every surviving turtle. Devan would reveal that he's never a savage towards rabbits. Devan even tells Razz that he and his rabbit army are savages towards turtles. With Razz going after turtle civilians as well as Turtle Terrorists and Devan has to step up protecting the civilians and his troop members. The later seasons could see Kazz Slickhare and Dark Shell, as the main antagonists. Dark Shell vows to kill everything in the galaxy who does not side with Team Slickhare or has sided with Team Jazz. Kazz Slickhare is more of going after Jazz specifically out of jealously that he's gotten his comeback. Devan completes his heel-face turn at this point, fighting the good fight with Jazz. Unlike Steven Universe, villain redemptions are sparing. Only Devan Shell, Tweedle, Hook Lee, Cosmo, Satil Crust, and Dirven Shell would be redeemed good guys over the series.

I've got more of my idea of what it could've been.