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Lightbulb Emperor Razz (Jazz Jackrabbit fan excerpt)

So I was wondering with all these stories around the rabbits' struggle and still I've thought, "What if there was a rabbit counterpart of Dark Shell and the rabbits were the ones who conquer the galaxy and in a shocking move, they genocide the turtles and all other reptilians to near-extinction by Emperor Razz over a grudge after Devan botched the kidnapping of Eva Earlong and Emperor Razz's response was, he wipes out almost all the turtles and reptilians looking for Devan and his top goons

Without further delay my execerpt of my Jazz Jackrabbit fan idea (this is just a portion of my fan work)

Razz and Devan were traveling to a parallel universe, then Razz's time machine warps out into the parallel universe. The rabbits in this parallel universe were the ones to rise to galactic power rather than the turtles. As well, Mazz MaTaz and his turtle hating generals had won the Carrotian Civil War. The Carrotus Kingdom would become a military dictatorship with some aspects of a monarchy and, in the past fifty years, expanded into an empire with Razz being the current dictator of the Carrotian Empire. Razz in this parallel universe had almost fulfilled the wish of Mazz MaTaz' total extinction of the turtles. Razz learns that the Galactic Rabbits rule the entire galaxy ala, the Galactic Empire. The capital planet, Carrotus; is this timeline. There are hyper cities networked across the whole planet with space stations built all around the planet's orbit as well. A massive fleet of rabbit ships was orbiting Carrotus, tens of thousands of vessels of all classes parked around Carrotus, mostly Rabbit Gunner Destroyers, Rabbit Dreadnaughts, all the way to Rabbit Motherships. The time machine teleports in front of the throne room, now the Emperor's inner sanctum.

Inside, Devan and Razz are still fighting and both their guns are on the floor.

"Now look where you've gotten in, Devan, I'm gonna enjoy seeing you pay for kidnapping my princess cousin, with your life, jail is too good for you, and your species will be wiped out", Razz said

Razz lunged at Devan Shell, wrapping his paws on his neck, Razz's eyes blood-red full of rage.

"If I had my blaster, I'd blast you to atoms, but as it stands, I'm gonna have to strangle you," Razz said

"Razz... please... look outward," Devan said while being choked.

Razz looked outwards, and the time machine had reached its destination. He lets go of Devan and exits out Devan, also exiting out. Devan looks out the window and sees the giga-city known as Carrotopous Giga-City.

"And Lori claimed humans were bad. This is insanity! Depravity! Licentiousness! Blasphemy! An Emperor who only cares about the 1% but doesn't care about the middle class and the poor," Devan said, "Even Donny knows this," Devan followed up.

"Is this what happens, all turtles are extinct," Razz said

"Not exactly, but since the numbers are so low, I'll let them die the slow way," A cloaked figure said. Approaching Razz, it's wearing the same color gloves as Razz is wearing than the cloaked figure reveals to be Razz himself.

"Are you..." Razz said

"Me, yes, call me Emperor Razz," Emperor Razz said

"Emperor Razz," Razz said

"Of the Carrotus Empire," Emperor Razz said

"Empire," Razz said, then walks to a balcony and sees that there are rabbits all around, not a single turtle, or any non-rabbit species.

"Well, let's just say that your ancestor Mazz MaTaz won the Carrotian Civil War." Emperor Razz said to Razz

"Mazz MaTaz, so my most prominent factor for my hatred towards turtles, was that I was the descendant of Carrotus' most powerful militant towards turtles," Razz said

"Yes. The first act after the King and Queen surrendered all power to Mazz was that he gave the royals limited power", Emperor Razz said

"That means Eva would be around in this parallel universe," Razz said

"Yes, and from there, Mazz went to expand throughout the galaxy. Convincing the natives to side up with the rabbits in exchange to turn in any turtle over to the rabbits to be taken as slaves," Emperor Razz said

"Whoa there, just like Devan did to the rabbits," Razz said, looking at Devan.

"True, and it was that way until I came along, from there, I invented special bots to take over the role of turtle slaves." Emperor Razz said

"Just like me," Razz said

"I was the one who invented special bots that can do all the tasks slaves do, though I spent some time refining the bots," Emperor Razz said

"What happened after that" Razz said

"By the time the bots were finalized, I was ready to take the reins of the dictatorship," Emperor Razz said

"Really," Razz said

"My first act was mass-producing the Razz-Bots, then when there were enough Razz-Bots. I gave the turtle slaves their freedom." Emperor Razz said

“Oh, I see, wanted to show mercifulness”, Razz said

“That is until some time later a nerdy-yet-powerful turtle king named Devan Shell and his so-called army of Turtle Terrorists tried to goat me into surrendering my power, but he failed” Emperor Razz said

“Let me guess, Devan kidnapped Eva and you hired Jazz to go after Devan” Razz said

“More like Devan botched the kidnapping of Eva.” Emperor Razz said, “With Devan making me look like a laughingstock in the entire universe, so a response to this was warranted.” Emperor Razz said

“What did you do, build a laboratory in Devan’s homeworld and launched surprise attacks”, Razz said

“Nothing like that, I knew Devan had a dozen planets under his control and had friends. In other worlds.” Emperor Razz said

“What did you do?” Razz said

“To Devan, I knew that the crafty turtle would try and try again to fill his rush for conquering Carrotus. So I wiped out the major turtle worlds and most of the planets under Devan’s control,”

The scene goes to five Rabbit Dreadnaughts watch with a dozen Rabbit Battle Cruisers firing orbital auto cannons and Tachyon Liquefier Beams into Aeschylus, Shellion, Turtemple, Nippus, Jungrock, and Muckamok, all of which had widespread fires burning from orbit, then back to Emperor Razz and Razz Earlong, Razz was socked

"You what?!" Razz snapped in anger. "You wiped out six whole planets over a grudge?” Razz said

“And not just the turtles, but the lizards of Medivo and Deserto, the native Raptors and Froogs of Muckamok, I wiped them all out as well. But for some reason, Devan and his top goons eluded me. To this day I hunt for them. And when I even do get my hands on that turtle, I’ll publicly execute Devan and his top goons one by one in front of the entire universe”, Emperor Razz said

“What about the innocent people of those planets?”

"I spared no one, the lizards are clever with their tech being all organic, but I used thermal imaging to locate and wipe them out along with their structures as well, and when Devan sent Bilisy, Evil Jazz and Zoonik to take me down, I defeated them and I extracted their powers and knowledge, and now I possess his plasma beam powers the same with Bilisy and his ability to throw fireballs, and teleportation I also taught my troop members about Zoonik’s special move from that allows them to teleport as well", Emperor Razz said

Then Razz sees Emperor Razz firing a green plasma beam at Devan, and Devan gets hit with it, and he falls to the floor on his backside. Shocking Razz as his emperor self walks to the now helpless Devan and steps on him. About to throw a fireball at him, Razz was shocked, seeing his emperor self about to execute Devan Shell from his parallel universe.

"The turtle I've waited so long to see you suffer for now at my paws," Emperor Razz said

Some laser beams were fired at Emperor Razz, and he was hit five times but not knocked out. Devan turns around and sees Razz with Devan's Rabbit Roaster, nonetheless, his Heavy Blue Buster on his back.

"Genocide the turtles to near extinction. You're not going to get away with this," Razz declared

"Who's gonna stop me the RABT, the GIA they've surrendered long ago," Emperor Razz declared, "As for the Reptillion Rebellion, it's only a matter f time before they're finished as well

Emperor Razz threw a fireball at Razz, he dodged it and fired off some more laser beams at Emperor Razz, which he then leaped to Devan Shell.

"Look, I'll get to apologies later, but first, I've got to kick this emperor's butt," Razz said to Devan.

"But how, he's a rabbit version of Donny Shellworth," Devan said

"Everyone has a weakness, Devan, now get to the dimensional machine and stay there. I've also installed a Gene Verification Device so only I can make warps," Razz said, then he gets Devan Shell on his feet.

"Hey, that's my Rabbit Roaster, you can't just..." Devan said

"I'll give it back when I kicked the emperor's butt," Razz said

"I've got a spare Rabbit Roaster, I can give that to you in exchange for my gun," Devan said

"You want to find out if your Rabbit Roaster works on turtles too, well get to the dimensional machine. After I've through with Emperor Razz," Razz said

Devan Shell runs to Razz's dimensional machine as Emperor Razz shoots out a lighting bolt, Devan dodges it. Emperor Razz throws another fireball at Razz. Razz avoids that and fires some laser beams at Emperor Razz, which does almost nothing. Razz was now seeing that Devan's gun was practically useless at Emperor Razz. Razz takes out his Heavy Blue Buster and fires rapid-fire Toaster beams at Emperor Razz, dowing him. Razz steps on his emperor self, pointing Devan's gun at his head about to execute him. Razz looks at Devan, shaking from nervousness at what Razz was about to do. Then he steps off of him and blasts away at him with Devan's gun for some time later he stops blasting. Razz looks at Emperor Razz, who is now severely burnt with laser blasts all across his body. Then Raz grabs the Emperor by the clothing that Razz once wore himself and stares him down.

"I'm not going to roast you, Emperor. But I'm allowing you to live your life as a crippled organism, thanks to you, I'm starting to learn about my atrocities," Razz said, then throws the disabled Emperor on the floor, "You'll come to understand why I did not roast you," Razz said

It reads through his gloves after Razz walks to the dimensional machine and places his paw on the scanner.

"DNA match confirmed, welcome Mr. MaTaz," an AI voice said, "Where would you like to go" it followed up.

"Home, I've had it in that parallel dimension," Razz said

"Do we know if there's a Devan Shell in this parallel universe," Devan said

"I would think so," Razz said

The dimensional machine warps out and back into Razz's secret laboratory.

Meanwhile, in the Chamelilion World, a once nerdy-yet-powerful and peaceful turtle king Devan Shell, now in refuge, sitting on a hill with Dirven Shell, Satil Crust, Cosmo Shell, Rose Shell, Kazz Slickhare, and Donny Shellworth, without his costume, and Kazz Slickhare is a rouge officer of the Carrotian Empire, the Chamelilion King and Saurian General are also looking up, hoping that one day the Carrotian Empire would face its downfall.

"One day, the Carrotian Empire will fall, and we'll rebuild the Shellion Republic," Alt. Devan said

"We can only dream of it," Alt. Satil said

“Yeah, and I’ll kill all the rabbits for what they did to my species” Alt. Devan said

“Whoa there, not all rabbits are monstrous war criminals, Devan” Alt. Kazz said

“Hey, my bro was right to execute those rabbit slaves on Deserto, after hearing what Emperor Razz did to the major turtle worlds and the planets that my bro conquered” Alt. Dirven Shell said

“They were too good for enslavement after what Emperor Razz did to Aeschylus” Alt. Devan Shell said

“Yeah, not to mention what he did to Shellion,” Alt. Donny Shellworth said

Back at Razz’s secret laboratory, Devan leaves the dimensional machine, where Satil Crust, Cosmo Shell, Lori Jackrabbit, and Spaz Jackrabbit were waiting, and Razz follows out as well.

"Alright, Devan, I know this apology is not going to bring back the civilians, I gunned down and wrecked your ancient relics, but I'm sorry for what I've done. I still hate turtles, but I never thought I'd go this far. Promise you won't go right back around and do the same thing to us rabbits," Razz said

"What have you done? Those artifacts were replicas of the real thing, we kept the real ones in storage safe for the academics and scholars, those were replica artifacts for the tourists," Devan said, "As for the turtle civilians, though I can create some sort of regenerator," Devan said

"You mean, you can regenerate roasted turtles," Razz said

"Well, yes," Devan said to Razz. "And Razz, if you're gonna go after civilians, at least have the respect to knock them out rather than roast them," Devan said

"I guess my hatred has consumed me to where I've roasted civilians," Razz said

"I may be a nerdy-yet-powerful turtle king, but I don't go around roasting rabbit civilians like a genocidal maniac. That’s a special kind of evil," Devan said. "Even if I did slaughter a ton of innocent rabbit civilians, I would've faced Jazz off in the first game and would have been killed a long time ago. Trust me, I've seen for myself the kind of evil manics who'd do that," he followed up.

"That's nice now you and Satil scram out of my laboratory before I knock you two out and drag you outside," Razz said, pointing Devan's gun at Devan Shell.

"Whoa there, Razz, I don't want any trouble, we'll just be on our way, plus that's not the only gun I keep around," Devan said

"What?! You're gonna let Razz off the hook. Sir, he made a massacre of turtle civilians! Imagine what he’ll do to the entire turtle race." Satil said, holding a gun of his own. "That rabbit should be roasted for what he'd done. I had friends at the Reveille party," Satil followed up.

"Whoa Satil, I know you are unsettled about this, but exact vengeance is something even I don't like. Now please lower that gun, and let's get," Devan said before Razz pointed his blaster at Satil in the head

“No. No! Please. I’m begging you.” Satil begged for Razz to be spared, but Razz shot a laser beam at Satil anyways. Knocking him unconscious, Devan gasped thinking that Razz just roasted him.

"Razz, you... you... murdered Satil.” Devan exclaimed

“How could you do this after you said you'd knock out rather than roast" Lori said in shock

“Why I ought to blast you for this”, Spaz said, pointing his gun at Razz

“Spaz don't, it may not look like he roasted him

"Check his pulse, Devan I set the gun to knock out mode before I shot," Razz said

"If he's roasted, I'll do the same thing to..." Devan said, checking Satil's pulse, and he's alive and breathing but unconscious ", I guess you're also good at keeping promises," Devan said

Razz then turned his gun on Cosmo and shot some laser beams at him, knocking his unconscious as well, then turning the gun on Devan, which Devan now freaked out at Razz.

"What was that for?" Devan demanded

"Another thing you'll learn about me, Devan is that my patience runs thin, especially around turtles," Razz said, pointing his gun at Devan. Then Razz pushes Devan on the ground and steps on him, then pointed his blaster at Devan’s head

“No... No... Please, spare me, Razz. Please... I’m begging you.” Devan pleaded, then Razz shot a laser beam at Devan. Knocking him unconscious as well. Devan lies on the ground with Satil, and Cosmo also knocked unconscious. Razz gets some rope and proceeds to tie them up.

"I was starting to think they would never leave," Razz said to himself.

Once the turtles had returned from their forced trip to dreamland, they were on the back of a Hover Technical, all tied up, stacked side by side, and had their weapons removed. Satil and Cosmo were both bound belly to belly as well. They were also near a turtle base on Aeschylus in dense fog.

"Oh, my head." moaned Satil, "What happened last night,"

"Last night? It was today Satil," Devan replied, a bit disoriented and still waking up.

"Well, well, well, I hope you turtles had a nice nap," A voice said with a cackle.

"That voice, I know that voice from anywhere," Devan said in great shock.

The figure steps from the fog and into view it's Razz "MaTaz" Earlong

"RAZZ EARLONG?!" The turtles gasp

"That's my name, don't wear it out," Razz remarked.

"Hey, That's my remark," Devan said to Razz,

"Not so fun, when you're the one who's at the receiving end, isn't it Devan," Razz said

"How could you do this to us?" Devan said, struggling with his ropes but to no avail

"It seems like you and your friends are all 'tied up,' "The Razz laughed.

"Boo! Bad joke!" Satil said

"Satil, that was my bad joke," Devan said

"Oh, sorry about that" Satil said

"Why are you doing this, Razz?" Devan said

"What have we did to deserve this," Cosmo said

"The whole knocking the three of you guys out and tying you up, well I couldn't wait any longer, so I had to knock you guys out, tied you up and dragged you out of my laboratory," Razz said

"Ok then, but since when do you tie up turtles like this, and quite firmly I may add," Devan said, looking over at his ropes.

"I saw some fanart doing the same thing to us. So I figured I'd return the favor, remember the phrase, 'what goes around comes around,' used in Round and Round from the band Ratt, and that's not all that one fan game plot where you capture Jazz's team and me, but I'll save that later down the road," Razz said

"Oh, right, that phrase," Devan said to himself.

"If I know your base designs, a perimeter patrol would find the three of you," Razz said

Then Razz and some of his Storm Rabbits pick up the captive turtles and set them down near the turtle base; then, they get back into the Hover Techincal.

"Just stay strong okay," Razz said, then the Hover Techincal takes off.

At that same time and right to Razz's word, a patrol of Doofi Guards and Schwarzenguards were patrolling the perimeter.

"Hey, isn't that da boss and his science guys." Said a Schwarzenguard

"Tied up and left near our base, who'd do something like that," Said a Doofus Guard

"That blue rabbit Razz did this to us," Satil said

"How can he do that" Said the Schwarzenguard

"Whoa, Razz's crazier than you, Devan," said the Doofus Guard.

"Well, cut us loose, and we'll tell you everything", Devan demanded

"Right, boss" Siad the Schwarzenguard, who picks up the three and carries them into the base

Your thoughts on Emperor Razz