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Aug 24, 2015, 04:10 PM
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For me the problem is a little bit different, I believe. I am using Windows 10. The game runs smooth enough as long as I don't switch to full screen while I'm in game. Whenever I join an online game in windowed mode and switch to full screen, I stop receiving game-packets. I still receive chat and can use commands etc. normally, but all incoming game-related traffic stops for my client. Other clients can still see me in-game but my client will eventually timeout from the server and all servers become unpingable as well, until I restart my client. These pictures should show the issue pretty well.

Also this does not happen when I switch to full screen in the menus and join a game already in full screen mode. Switching back to windowed mode does not bring any problems either. But everytime I do it from windowed to full screen, this happens. I have tried the fixes here in this thread, and while they nicely improve my fps in full screen mode, they still don't fix this problem. For me it might take a while to get used to the windowed mode, since I've always played full screen and I am likely to accidentally turn on full screen mode at any time, due to my key-preferences.
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