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Aug 25, 2015, 12:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Vivando View Post
For me the problem is a little bit different, I believe. I am using Windows 10. The game runs smooth enough as long as I don't switch to full screen while I'm in game. Whenever I join an online game in windowed mode and switch to full screen, I stop receiving game-packets. I still receive chat and can use commands etc. normally, but all incoming game-related traffic stops for my client.
I confirmed this over a year ago in the old JJ2 on Windows 8 thread, but never looked into it further as I was more baffled by the FPS problem at the time, and learned to prevent switching in and out of fullscreen while in a game.

MasterSven also confirmed it a while ago. I don't exactly have a clue about what happens, but I believe it's Windows's 8/8.1/10's Window manager being always on while programs are running fullscreen to keep listening to and displaying notifications. Somehow the 'initialization' of this feature (after switching to fullscreen in-game) interferes with JJ2's netcode, but as long as you go into (and stay into) fullscreen mode before starting the in-game server browser you can play fine.
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