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Feb 19, 2017, 03:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Lansie View Post
We're having a problem on windows 8 as well, but the above fix doesn't work so it's probably unrelated (but restrictions on creating new threads when you haven't replied yet, yada yada). Basically: the left arrow key (and maybe up as well?) is permanently pressed even though we're not doing anything. Makes it impossible to play since the menu is just a game of roulette (and makes a lot of noise) and if you happen to be lucky enough to start a game, you run headlong into the cliff on the left and it refuses to ever go right.

We've tried on two different laptops, both windows 8, with a bunch of different versions. All show the exact same problem. Is there anyone who knows a fix for this?
Are you using a controller? Because I know something like that has happened before with one.

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