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Jan 22, 2012, 01:27 PM
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First off, props to Grytolle for posting an update on patching to the Digiex Page for JJ3, its good to spread the word.

Anyone know who this was any what exactly they were editing in 2005?

Too Lazy to quote everything, but heres quite a list of stuff that covers the last few posts:

-In my many explorations and searchings of JJ3, it is, in fact, TRUE, that there are Two Major versions of JJ3 floating around. As far as I know, both contain J3CS version and I believe (not 100%) think that both are Version: 400 (Nov 17 1999) The difference was that After the leak began spreading, at some point someone tried to fix a small bit and hide the copyright stuff. The most common version in logo.bmp (the start screen) says "Non-Public Test Demo", but in the rarer alternate version this has been covered up by some other logo (can't remember what on the top of my head.) there were a few other minor differences like that. Theoretically based on what I've seen they SHOULD (99% sure) have no significant coding errors of any kind. Past this, the first and most common version actually has dozens of varients based on when and where they were first configured from the initital stated. I have 2 versions, and their boot files show as follows:

Log: Log file open, 10/19/01 23:55:05
Init: Detected: Microsoft Windows 98 4.10 (Build: 67766446)
Init: Version: 400
Init: Compiled: Nov 17 1999 19:44:01
Init: Computer: N1A7K0
Init: User: **CENSORED** (used his actual name)

Log: Log file open, 11/10/05 17:38:16
Init: Detected: Microsoft Windows NT 5.1 (Build: 2600)
Init: Version: 400
Init: Compiled: Nov 17 1999 19:44:01
Init: Computer: BLACKFISH
Init: User: Kevin

Long story short, don't worry too much about the many versions out there, they are all the same as far as the hardcoding goes.

-Yes those are the right patches (mostly the editor one). The J3CS one doesn't alter any of the code, just adds dll's and such that were missing which is handy. I don't have the D3D one for JJ3 but I do for Unreal, and to be honest it doesnt do alot. The 49 shot weapon bug, dunno what exactly that is but might be good.

-Double jumps should only be for Spaz =P

-I'm making a bit of progress (I think?) on trying to find out an effective way of model importing. I'll keep you posted, as I'm 100% sure it is possible

-The "n" key inventory, I liked it when the coins spun before =P

-Please DO NOT remove/disable the Tab Key. 1) pressing enter will end the control freeze, 2) its fully functional online. You cant see it in Single Player but its actually there and invisible, hence why pressing enter fixes it.

-Upon exploration i discovered that JRocket2 is broken in my non-patched version of JJ3, to be honest I probably broke it back in the day when playing with the level editor. I'll hunt down a new one

-If we make new maps we should make the one that plays "Haunted Terrero" (tek11bak.s3m) a bigger map. A long, neat song and the mpap is like 30 seconds.

-Has anyone else noticed that the map linking is weird? The current setup goes: Starting Map --> Rocket Pathway --> Rocket or Start --> Forest --> Rocket Path --> rocket, but if you actually look at how the map is set up you enter a metal gate to get to pathway (Should be to Rocket), and you exit for the Canyon (Middlemap between the canyon path in the forest and the canyon exit is missing. If we get to a map making point I want to fix this.

-presing F5 opens white text in the top left displaying "TESTING TESTING TESTING". what does this do?

-pressing F6 saves the game, saving is broken. Not even just the maps, even recording preferences. Every time I change the movement to WASD and every time I reboot its arrows again

-Pressing F7 tries to open the JJ3 website URL but fails and displays an error

-Pressing F9.....don't know what this actually does but it causes particle emitters to reset, sometimes briefly flashes to the main menu and causes huge lag.

EDIT --> F9 takes screenshots, nevermind my confusion

-Brightness by default isnt wha it says it is.

-Advanced Settings say Godmode is on by default, which isnt true

-Exiting while in the middle of a map with the "x" in the top right causes an "Assertion Failed UnObj.cpp" Error

-check out the file JAZZ3D.log, there are TONS of script warnings when the game runs, particularily for movement.

-All the texturs in castle city wildy flash colours and its a bit distracting. Not sure if intentional or glitch

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