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Jan 31, 2012, 01:54 AM
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Originally Posted by SonicNathan 1 View Post
While multiplayer is important, I would still like to see most of the singleplayer glitches and whatnot ironed out first. Then multi player, and from there wherever.
Of course, that's the idea, but please, give me ideas and point out flaws that I should fix! I see a lot of stuff I could fix and improve actually, but I need a little help here, because there are some vital problems that I might not have really noticed.


Hey guys, actually there won't be a lot of updates for a while now, I am quite busy with exams and such, so I'll put this aside for a couple of weeks.

Don't worry though, an update will be made sooner or later, just don't let this die off so easily - Spread the word!

Also, don't hesitate doing requests and posting found problems that you'd like to get fixed. I'd even accept nitpicking, haha.

Either way, I hope you have enjoyed this patch until now! (Assuming you have tested it already, and if not, then I hope you will once you do!)


A little update:

I created a completely new actor and put it on the treadmill that I originally scrapped. I did some coding with my badass coding skills (I'm kind of being sarcastic here...), and managed to change that model's texture accordingly when the user changes the skins. It looks far better than the floating character on the screen and really makes the whole image seem better.

I can't really decide if I should or shouldn't allow the user to start a different game mode from the in-game pause menu anymore.
I'm thinking of this because of the fact that the game is still working in the background.

Either way, I'll probably add an "Exit to Main Menu" feature soon.

Also, I think I'm pretty much done with the main menu now (There's a few other minor things, but those don't really matter right now) - I added different 3d views for each of the selected options in the settings menu (Audio, Controls, etc..).

I also noticed how actually broken the controller support is. for some reason you can only jump once unless you stop shooting, and if you're holding any of the keys on your controller (actual buttons, that is, not the analog sticks), the jump height control would no longer work and jazz will jump as high as he would before I added this feature.

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