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Apr 18, 2021, 10:02 AM
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Very cool!

Had some time today, so I've done a litle investigation...
  • Tubelectric 2: J1LES didn't change the number of enemies or items for my 1.3 copy of the level.
  • Nippius 2: There's a group of 5 ice creams at the very end; at most, you can only get 2, leaving 3 impossible to get. Additionally, there are several ice creams in the spring section at the very beginning of the level that I believe to be impossible to obtain. But, as much as I love Jazz 1, I'm not very good at it! So, you're probably the best one to ask about whether those early ice creams are possible to obtain. J1LES doesn't change the number of enemies or items, so it's unlikely Epic accounted for this originally. Either way, the items count definitely needs to be reduced by at least 3.
  • Battleships 2: Yep, you can't go back round to get all the things, so the number of items and enemies will have to be revised. I used J1LES to erase all events that you couldn't reach on one path, saved it, noted the numbers, reverted back to the untouched file, and did the same for the other path. J1LES automatically figured out the numbers both times, so:
    • The original numbers in the untouched level are 55 items, 17 enemies on easy, and 40 on hard & turbo.
    • If you take the path to the right, it's 34 items, 17 enemies on easy, and 27 on hard & turbo.
    • If you take the path to the left, it's 51 items, 12 enemies on easy, 29 on hard & turbo.
    In both cases, I made sure to include any items that you could get by going partially down one path until the last point you can backtrack from; did some testing to make sure. So, I am confident that these numbers are correct.
    This in mind, I would suggest using the 51/12/29/29 numbers, since "100% completion" implies an optimal path in terms of maximising the number of items, enemies, etc. to get a high score basically. So, it makes sense the 100% completion numbers would be based on the path containing the higher number of items and enemies.
  • Deserto: I found some items that I SUSPECT are unreachable, but I don't know; I'm not very familiar with Deserto. I couldn't find the spawners you referred to in your last post. My plan was to make a blank level with a few enemies, including a spawner, and see if the lizards spawned affect the completion percentage, but I don't know which event the spawner is.

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