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Falcury is doing well so far

Dec 30, 2008, 06:07 AM
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Hey, thanks for reminding us! :P

Yes, I am coding at the moment, though I think Carrotpie is overestimating my work a little. There's a very nasty CTF bug I can't seem to work out (namely, switching in-game to ctf mode causes that none of the players will detect that you possess the flag, except yourself).

The december deadline is a little optimistic as well, because KS is unplayable at the moment. This is because I have been getting a little ambitious, wanting to throw out the whole online account mess. Therefore I am stuck in conversion stuff etc. I am pleased to say, however, that the game is still coming along very nicely. It is starting to look more like a Jazz2 RPG engine than a hard-coded game now. Maybe it'll be just that in the end, who knows.

Some news on the "New Features" front. No Internet connection required anymore (offline save game based). Numerous UI fixes. New Ranking system that will hopefully be very rewarding. Trophies/Achievements. Beside all the other stuff in version 1.0.

I could try to push out a "beta" version for people to play with, when I can manage it. Go easy on us though. I have a medicine study to worry about