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Apr 21, 2021, 11:29 AM
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Thanks! Solid work on Nippius and Battleships. Deserto 1, right, the spawners don't exist in 1.3's Deserto 1, I didn't know.

Useful: Full-level images for Jazz Jackrabbit on VG Atlas

Originally Posted by Love & Thunder View Post
Very cool!
Tubelectric 2: J1LES didn't change the number of enemies or items for my 1.3 copy of the level.
Then it's likely that Tubelectric 2 contains unreachable treasure/enemies outside the visible map. Reason: Today, I played through Tubelectric 2 on Medium in 1.3, trying to get 100 % enemies/treasures. I got 100 % enemies, but only 98 % items. For this, I tried to get all black chip treasures, I didn't collect all carrots/ammo/invulnerabilities/...

Tubelectric 2 VG Atlas image shows an out-of-bounds treasure at the very top, about 80 % at the right.

Deserto: I found some items that I SUSPECT are unreachable
Right, those are unreachable. They shouldn't count towards 100 %: Those are rapid-fires, lives, ..., they don't seem to be treasures. If we are concerned about these, then Sluggion 2 warrants the same concern.

Anyway, I just played Deserto 1 on Medium in 1.3 and got 100 % enemies, 100 % items. It's good as-is.

The Deserto lizard spawner is event #13 in level1.037... I don't remember if it appears in level0 too.
Deserto 1 has lizard-spawning sparkles in good 1.2 in the final strip towards the exit sign, after the castle. These sparkles are missing in 1.3. Interesting version difference that I didn't know yet! Haven't examined Deserto 2 (= level1.037) yet.

Will work on Orbitus now.

-- Simon

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