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May 1, 2007, 02:57 PM
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Could this character beat a main character hands down?
A point for each character (Jazz, Spaz, Lori, Devan) that your charcter can beat hands down.

Let's say your charcter "Superrabit" could kill Devan accidentally. You know, by looking at him too hard with his lazer eyes. That would score one point.

Or, lets say you have a charcter "Superabbid" can kill Jazz, Spaz, Lori and Devan, even if they all teamed up together to beat him, by flexing his left pinky toe. This would merit four points.

In the case of Jane Jumpingrabbit, she couldn't kill Jazz if he was warped into a frog and Jane was given a Bazooka. She wouldn't stand a chance, never being trained with weapons or hand to hand combat. So she gets a point for each of the main charcters she can beat, that number being zero.

If you are still having problems understanding, I can repeat the process with the other three "A point for each" statements, but it should be suffice to say that if each=0, then points=0.