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First post for the forum; I've kind of got that neophyte neuroticism going on, but it'll hopefully wear out by the end of the week. If something's inappropriate, don't be afraid to let me know.

Name: Lita Leatherback
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Species: Turtle
Theme Song: Highly Strung (Bond)
Alignment: Evil, but may change for future economic reasons
Favorite Food: Artichoke Hearts

Background: A Turtemple native, Lita is an upcoming name among the turtle scientists, looking for a chance to work alongside Devan Shell. At least, that's what she likes to tell herself, seeing as most of her time is spent writing up grant proposals so she can continue her research...whenever she isn't interning. Her proposals scarcely make it past the blueprint stage, which vexes her a great deal. Even receiving grant money is a battle she's only won a few times and she insists the system's cheating her of greatness.

This ambitious graduate aims to create some of the nastiest weapons known to the Turtle Terrorists, very much in the footsteps of her uncle, Lars Leatherback. Lars wrote out the prototype for a plasma bomb, which was later responsible for some of the toxic spills in Exoticus. The weapon turned out to be a fluke and self-detonated, turning its engineer into little more than turtle soup in a shell. Since Lita was the only other Leatherback who wasn't an absolute deadbeat, she inherited most of her uncle's notes.

Her own studies and work came into fruition a few years later, creating some internship opportunities among the scientists working for Devan Shell himself. Still under the belief that some of the Leatherback notes would be enough to work her into the big names of weapons engineering, Lita packed her bags and traveled out to her first job at Scraparap, where she helped in the engineering of a new use for RF Missiles. Unfortunately, Lita left her notes out in the open and her deadbeat cousin, Lenny, claimed the idea for himself. He made a fortune; Lita lost her scholarship.

Losing that opportunity, Lita tried again for a grant relocated to Marbelara, where she aimed to improve the laser range of the guns assigned to the Schwarzenguards. The request, and funding, was granted. This time, she kept her notes with her at all times, refusing to let anyone see what she was working on outside of work, even at the risk of sounding paranoid and neurotic. Somebody came in a few times, bringing the geeky girl a cup of instant noodles for dinner, and Lita whipped out her gun, threatening to shoot if the attendant did so much as touch her notes.

By that point, people started to back off, realizing the turtle meant business. Marbelara turned out to be the break Lita needed to be accepted as a top-notch scientist for the turtles. She rejoiced at a pub that night with some of the other Leatherbacks, bragging that she'd leap to success, and maybe come forward as Devan's top researcher in the future. That didn't happen; although she managed to get a gig at the elite laboratory, among many big-name scientists, Lita just came off as an overzealous newbie.

It was a blow to her massive ego, realizing that she was just one little fish in a big pond among the reptilian revolutionaries and still had a long way to go before she'd be ready to do more than pour coffee and type up letters. She was given her own lab (albeit just one seedy room with an adjacent bedroom/bathroom), and worked like a slave to promote her latest weapon. Unfortunately, some of the bigger names liked the idea, insisted they'd show it to the head honcho himself...but failed to tell Lita they'd pass her work off as their own.

That was the last straw; Lita filed as an independent researcher after that, trying to find money wherever she could. Lars would've turned in his shell over some of the gigs his niece accepted for the sake of enterprising. There's even some rumors going around that she'd sell her superweapons to Carrotus if they paid enough, but nobody can prove it. All they can prove is that this ticked-off turtle loves making dangerous things and has an axe to grind.

Appearance: Lita's a scrawny turtle with a beaky face (and pewter lipstick), cat-eye glasses with a librarian-style chain, and several spikes augmenting her sapphire-blue shell. She wears a pair of dark blue pumps and a set of bracelets with spikes at the edges. When she grins, we can also see braces. Her eyes have a tinge of purple to them, but the bags underneath them are remniscent of somebody who scarcely sleeps. Her posture is absolutely terrible, seeing as she hunches over a bit and lifts her arms when she walks. Not only this, but she's also very bowlegged. She always carries a pistol with her and has very good aim. On the other side is a flask, since she also likes her booze.

If that doesn't suffice, here is some artwork I designed to flesh out the character:

Personality: Lita's memorable, to say the least. When she's getting her way, she comes off as a very calm and cool intellectual type, sometimes with a faintly sinister air when she chortles. When angry, she raises her voice a lot and often gets violent; luckily, very few things get her that furious. Whether happy, sad, angry, or confused, one thing remains constant, and that'd be Lita's indisguisable geekiness. She always finds words for whatever circumstance comes up and can be listed as a smooth talker. As for loves and hates, nothing matters more to her than proper recognition and good money. Therefore, she despises those who take credit for other people's work and cringes when others look for handouts.

Abilities: Lita's got great marksmanship and rarely misses her target. However, as for her best ability, that comes with her great knowledge of weaponry. Not only can she design these dangerous masterpieces, but knows very well how to make them. She's resourceful and thrifty, never forgetting the blueprint of a single weapon she created.

Weapons: As for the pistol this lively leatherback carries on her at all times, it's a semiautomatic modeled after the Carrotus blaster. It isn't anything fancy, but it's enough to move from Point A to Point B.

Quote: "A gun isn't dangerous until somebody pulls the trigger."

. . .

Name: Frizz E. Hare
Age: 51
Gender: Male
Species: Hare
Theme Song: Life During Wartime (Talking Heads)
Alignment: Traitor (Smuggler)
Favorite Food: Carrot Chips

Background: Frizz was born to a large, well-to-do family on Industrius and performed housekeeping duties for the longest time at the hotel his parents founded, the Lettuce Inn. The same held true for the twenty-one other Hare children (what can I say? This family breeds like rabbits). Due to overpopulation on the planet, it was hard to find any other source of work, which Frizz resented. Each time he picked up the Super-Suck Megavacuum, he grumbled over the unfairness of it all. The majority of travelers who visited the Lettuce Inn were from Carrotus and tended to look down upon the locals from some of the more rural planets, even their fellow rabbits.

If it wasn't other hares giving him a legion of litter to pick up, it was either the frogs or the lizards. While the frogs were the worst out of the entire bunch, the rabbits were most frequent and (due to family vacations involving huge groups, not to mention Industrius being a perfect planet to host conventions) therefore gave Frizz the most trash to clean up. Flopsy, Mopsy, Tipsy, and Sue (four of his older sisters) got to help out with bartending, but he became the garbage goon. He resented it so much, always muttering under his breath that he might want to join the Carrotus military later so he could escape the endless cycle of clutter and clean-up.

The black hare was in his early thirties when he met somebody who changed his political affiliation, probably for the worst. For the first time in (according to Frizz's parents) decades, they had a turtle renting a room. This particular turtle just so happened to be a well-respected researcher, having a large list of accomplishments behind his name, despite the fact he was probably younger than Frizz. What struck Frizz as so odd was that the geeky reptile kept his hotel room spotless, despite his family's constant insistence that the shelled critters were stupid, slow, and filthy. He even also asked at the front desk a few times if one of the innkeeper's children would mind giving him a tour of the urban planet so he could take notes.

Since it was a time of peace, and it meant he could take the day off, Frizz volunteered and (perhaps a bit too enthusiastically) gave the interested traveler probably one of the most extensive and passionate tours he'd ever undergo. Pubs, arenas, (cooperating) factories, historical monuments...whatever the bespectacled reptile wanted to see, Frizz arranged it. It must have made some sort of impression, seeing as Frizz constantly saw the guest writing extensive notes on a notepad and he paid for taxi services. Little did the rabbit know that the dorky asparagus-lover just so happened to be Devan Shell, the turtle tyrant who would later put up the largest resistance against the Carrotus Empire in recorded history.

A few years later, Tipsy inherited the Lettuce Inn from the family and insisted she'd continue paying any of her brothers and sisters who still wanted to work at the hotel. Frizz wasn't one of them; he took a job as a mailman instead, having realized just how much he wanted to travel and get away from Industrius. While at a trading post on Technoir, Frizz turned on his television set to find out the turtles had taken over Industrius; he later got a phone call from his cousin Curly, ensuring him everybody made it to Carrotus before things got bad. "How about you come over here and join the army?"

Frizz replied that he enjoyed his intergalactic trucking too much and met too many interesting characters to limit his interactions to military routes. What he failed to mention was that he was making a very pretty penny smuggling some of the Carrotus weapons to the turtles! They paid him handsomely for the work, and the hare felt some sense of satisfaction. The tortoises weren't as hasty as the hares and seemed to have a better plan. One time, his conscience got the best of him after Devan stole the Diamondus gem. He thought about interfering and mentioned it among his fellow smugglers, which earned him a permanent bite mark in one of his ears and a limp that's never gone away.

Appearance: Frizz was once a black rabbit with a pewter-gray beard, but he's grayed a bit more with age, now with a gunmetal gray coat and silver beard. Not only this, but his fur's gotten much frizzier. Luckily, it's nowhere near as bad as it is on his albino cousin, Curly, who pretty much looks like an oversized bathroom mat with rabbit ears. Since Frizz is nearly blind from cataracts, he always has to cover his pale green eyes with tinted safety goggles at a high prescription. Without them, his vision is abysmal, at best, causing him to bump into walls, crates, and other nasty things. He wears an ace bandage around one leg, a yellow vest, and yellow rubber gloves. When he grins, one tooth has been replaced with a gold cap. Part of his beard has grown out into a raggedy goatee and he seriously looks to be in need of a good combing. Not only that, but one of his ears appears to be slightly chewed.

If that doesn't suffice, here is some artwork I designed to flesh out the character:

Personality: This graying hare has had a chip on his shoulder as far back as he can remember, having always felt oppressed by the Carrotus urbanites. He'll grumble about it with his cronies while on his trade routes and enjoys a good drink (especially fermented radish juice). He's longwinded and traces of the angry black rabbit he used to be are still there, always talking about how the capitalist folks on Carrotus exploited hard working hares from the colony planets, like his home Industrius. Around other rabbits, he comes off as chummy and very social, generally laughing louder than the rest. Little do they know that he feels the joke's on them...

Abilities: Frizz is a very high jumper and has a good aim with his weapon. He isn't as quick on his feet as he used to be, due to his age, but he packs a powerful kick. When fighting Frizz, it's important to knock off his prescription sunglasses, since he's practically blind without them. Once the glasses are gone, he'll bump into walls, traps, weapons, and anything else that's in his way until he passes out.

Weapons: This opponent carries a flamethrower with him, which he can use very well. He also uses smoke bombs so he can escape and attack his opponent from unsuspecting angles.

Quote: "Who wants peace? Peace is boring."
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