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Feb 20, 2013, 12:28 PM
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I've looked to the apple's objType property and i found some usefull stuff some of you might want to know and some of you might already know:

objType value: Behaviour
0: Hurt + Blocks Bullets
1: Hurt + Destroy
2: Hurt + Destroy
3: Untakable
4: Untakable (Goes here when eaten)
5: Eatable (Normal State)
6: Not able to change to this state
7: Untakable
8: Blocks bullets
9 - 14: Untakable

Untakable: The player can't take this and doesn't interact with it.
Hurt: The player get's hurt by the apple.
Blocks Bullets: Bullets are destroyed by the apple (all hail the mighty apple).
Destroy: Object gets destroyed when a player touches it.

Also, the apple can still be shot down with tnt (unless its in a masked tile) but not with normal blaster bullets (unless objType is 5).

I don't know if these changes in objType work with other objects (it probably will with other fruits). The use of this is to let the apple be a dummy object where you can change behaviour of it: i.e. make a throwable bomb that doesn't hurt the player when touched.
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