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Originally Posted by WadlCury View Post
I'm using Vista aswell, and at first it didn't work... What does the error say? If it is complaining about the DLL file, go to , and at downloads, pick the DLL download. Put it in the directory the site says ( I can't remember which one )

Otherwise, please tell me what the error is about.

For the people who are interested in what the storyline goes about... Here is the introduction!

A great day for the inhabitants of Carotus: The holiday season has started! Ordering tickets as fast as you can at Karrot Tours, you decide to go to a nice place called Karrot Shire.
The flight captain is as happy as allways. “Hey everyone, around now you should be able to see our destination!”
But as the plane draws closer to Karrot Shire, something seems to be wrong.
“I’m not getting any signal from the airport!” says the captain to the second captain. “Just try again.”
Suddenly, the plane starts to act strange, tilt and bump everywhere. “What happened?? All engines fell out at once!!” “Try the extra engines, quick!”
Pushing and pulling all buttons the captains could, but the plane did do nothing but fall down out of the sky.
“Ladies and gentleman, fasten your seatbelts!!”
Then all went quiet…
You looked around you. The plane was crashed, everywhere fire. Luckily enough, it seemed that no one got hurt! Leaving the crashsite, the inhabitants of Karrot Shire are kind enough to help you out, and slowly you discover that the crash has everything to do with a group of rabbits that want nothing but bad things…

I'm trying to get the storyline as good as it can be. I'm hoping that it will feature atleast 25 quests. And if you think thats not enough, there are allways side-quests to do!

I'm just impatient. I waited 20 seconds, it went into an update that took like 6 minutes to do on my infamously slow internet, locked up for another 20 seconds and worked.