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Dec 16, 2007, 11:23 AM
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If you looked at those quests... It's the only thing you DIDN'T steal from RuneScape... they were short, one-line and boring. More of a tutorial than actual quests. I'm still waiting for, as it were, single-player based levels to complete as a quest. Or, even better, team up with someone and do a quest together, like co-op single-player.

I hope you take this advice in mind, because now, Karrot Shire is a hotel with a map function and automatic banking.

Edit to add: Don't think I'm all negative on this Karrot Shire, though. The idea is common, but good, and the way it was put together using the tool is awesome... but yeah, it's actually just a hotel with an extra tool. Work on it a bit more before releasing a full-time server. Or, even better, host a full-time server and add quests on the run. That way, it'll be new every time you log in.

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