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May 16, 2018, 01:58 PM
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Phantom controller input

Hi folks. Some people have reported receiving constant input from controllers or controller-like devices that do not seem to correspond to things they are intentionally doing, e.g. their mouse cursor constantly moves to the left, or their rabbit tries to move down and right. I have no way of replicating any of these problems locally, because I don't own the same devices that you do, but what I can do is give you this:

That's the latest release of JJ2+, minimally modified to constantly show all controller input information. (Only while ingame--if your phantom controller makes it impossible for you to navigate the menu system, load JJ2 directly into a level by command line/drag+drop.) If you experience such phantom input, please a) explain what your specific problem is, b) post a screenshot of the various numbers in their base state (i.e. when you are not intentionally doing anything), and c) report how the numbers are affected by any related experiments you choose to do.