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Jul 17, 2019, 03:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Seren View Post
The original JJ2 splash screen you're speaking of is accessed using the value "1.23" in JJ2 1.23+ and is completely unavailable in JJ2 1.24+. This is because the only file that contains it is Data.j2d from version 1.23 and earlier.

If your JJ2 1.23 displays the TSF version of the splash screen, that would strongly suggest you're running the game using data files from a mismatched version of the game. This is not supported and discouraged. Please run JJ2 using data files created by the corresponding installer.
Yeah I just pasted 1.23 exe on my installation of TSF. That explains even why 1.23+ had TSF splash screen.

So now I will try to replace the 1.24 "Data.j2d" with the "data.j2d" from my 1.23 installation. That should fix the bad splash screen.
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