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Jan 25, 2007, 04:17 PM
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Originally Posted by superjwren329
Well....Sadly, rules that are made EVENTUALLY get broken. Not always intentionally I may add. Given that fact that some crossover stories can be REALLY good, or downright suck, I'd only recommend it if you have it balanced out with Jazz 2 Universe/Characters.

Devan and Jazz appear in my story, as well as his minons, only with different names. Like the giant green crab thing...I hated it's name, so I changed it...

Blisy and Bubba still have to be unleashed... Heh heh heh...

That said, I think this thread is losing momentum. I haven't much else to say but...make sure you spell correctly, or get someone else to re-post it for you. And if Jazz can have semi-immortality, why can't I?

Rules do indeed get broken. If they weren't, there would be no need for moderators such as myself and Ducky. As for unintentionally breaking them, well, that's what this thread is for. And yes, there are exceptions to (almost) every rule, but they must meet certain criteria nonetheless, which we, the mods, determine.

Having JJ2 characters appear in your stories is indeed a good thing, but it does not guarantee the quality of your story by any stretch of the imagination. Three out of four of my stories did not involve JJ2 characters. The fourth and last did. Of course, none of my stories were crossovers, but my point stands.

Semi-immortality makes a character boring. No matter how much peril he or she is in, we yawn through it, because we already know they're not going to get killed. Video games are far, far different from fan-fiction in that sense.

I think we will leave this thread open. Other users may have feedback in the future and I believe it is important to hear them out.