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Oct 20, 2012, 03:34 PM
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No knowledge here. Just experience.
Yeah JJ2 does use the J2S basing on some not entirely specified level name data that causes conflicts. That's why at first the levels of my levelpack were using filenames in Polish.
Anyway, it's a pretty neat concept that does work good on a vanilla JJ2 (entirely vanilla, meaning no custom levels etc.). What I could propose, is that given we seem to have conquered J2S as a group (lol claiming rights oh well), we could incorporate new elements like pregame or new gamemode prompts into the language files!

Because... uh... we can. AAAAND there could be people out there who use JJ2+ and yet barely know English! (just a guess but it could very well be true)

if I sound unreasonable well then I have my reasons I'm an artist and all
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