Thread: Bug Report Phantom controller input
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Mar 9, 2020, 08:29 PM
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Okay, here's my current theory. Your controller doesn't have an actual directional pad--what it has is an analog stick that looks a lot like a directional pad. Annoyingly, the number it sends to your computer for directional pad data is the same number that a regular controller would use to say that its directional pad is pointing upwards. Vanilla JJ2 isn't affected by this issue because vanilla JJ2 can't be controlled by directional pads at all, only by analog sticks, but JJ2+ introduces directional pad support, and that's interacting badly with your controller. Fortunately, I think I was able to find a windows function to test if controllers actually have directional pads, to avoid querying their directions when the data would be incorrect. Does this work?