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Aug 24, 2020, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Stijn View Post
Your server currently has a ping of 160ms for me, and works fine (also when I make it be the first in the list). So before we can say whether your solution will work and whether you can expect a fix, we'll have to figure out what the issue actually is, if there is one. Based on what Violet and I saw we can rule out that "being first in the list and having a ping over > 120ish" causes a server to display as pinging.

If you or anyone else discovers some kind of pattern that seems to make sense, please report it here.
Have you restarted your JJ2 after making it the first? what I understood from " (also when I make it be the first in the list)" that you tested it two times, one before making it the first and the other after pining the server. If that's the case, please CLOSE your JJ2, PIN the server, then run JJ2 and test it again.

Many players complained that my server was pinging when there were active players in it which means that it has nothing to do with my connection.