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Apr 22, 2021, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Love & Thunder View Post
So, we currently have: (list)
Yep, you've listed all fixes that I can think of!

The plan for the extra versions (1.0, good-1.2, vanilla-1.3) is to ship them alongside, but not make them selectable in the launcher. If somebody wants to play these, they'll have to mount them manually in Dosbox.

And we're now working on: Fixed 100%
Right, let's see what we can get into the same release. The 100% topic is on good track.

Possibly the manuals
I have nothing good to provide here, the German manual wouldn't be of much use. Let me know if you find something nice.

More stuff to do that isn't bugfixing:
  • When the release is due, let's write a readme/history file that lists the exact changes based on 1.3. This is mainly for ourselves, and for future maintainers. (I'll document the changes on afterwards anyway, but it's better to also have them in a readme.)
  • I'll play through the entire patched Jazz on livestream, to check that it's all solvable. Let's agree on a date once the release is ready.