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Feb 1, 2013, 03:40 PM
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minmay: Planned, but not yet implemented. We ran into some trouble with layer drawing code and haven't resolved it so far.

Originally Posted by DJazz View Post
Works great on Linux too
Yeah, I think I figured out what your problem was before.
I tried to run a command using jjChat() in the onLevelLoad (as server), and it says "Error: Commands cannot be used while level is cycling".
I'm... not sure what you want me to say here. The error is a true statement.
Can I store custom variables for players? Or must I make my own array with player-info/objects?
The latter, I reckon.
Can I make the blaster have a limited set of ammo, like the other weapons?
Probably. Do something like void onPlayer() { p.score = p.ammo[1]; } and you'll see that blaster does in fact have an ammo count, it's just that it gets reset to 100 every time it hits 0. You can hack something together from there, though it'll still display as infinity.
I want to make a player fire the laser beam (with a recharge delay) without shield, possible? Think Quake3-style, or any game with a sniper.
Something like jjObjects[jjAddObject(OBJECT::LASER, p.xPos, p.yPos, p.playerID, CREATOR::PLAYER)].direction = p.direction; should work, though it won't show up online.
Can I use fireball as one player and pepper spray as another player in the same server?
Can I limit the rate the player is allowed to fire a bullet (not faster than current fastfire delay, for example), no matter how fast the player is smashing the fire-key?
You could try turning noFire on and off a lot, I guess? You'd have to hack together a bullet-was-fired detection by comparing ammo count or something, though; this isn't something we have basic support for yet.
I want ice/tnt to heal teammates only, how can I do that with AS? I can to that with negative TNT damage and friendlyfire, but that also heals nearby teammates.
Not AS-related, nor otherwise supported AFAIK.
Can I disable a special move, like uppercut/superjump?
Not yet.
I want some players to have different max-healths, in a class-based gamemode I'm making (TF2).
if ( > #) = #;
Can i make the TNT delay longer?
Almost certainly. Just find the right jjOBJ and then find the right property to edit.