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Sep 24, 2013, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Violet CLM View Post
I agree with FawFul... any advantage you could get would be secondary to the advantage you could get from spectating your opponent. But higher resolutions are enough of a technical hurdle that I suspect the point is kind of academic.
Less academic intended as you might think. My point here is it would be awesome if we're not supposed to stream live matches and insights on 640x480 in 2013. Blur made his last contribution to plus in 2010 and the familair program "bigjazz" by neobeo existed even longer before that. The combination of /maxresolution and bigjazz and has been here for 3 years now. Hell, the reason of /maxresolution was more or less made for the beta program bigjazz and future development in the first place. So I'm actually asking it for this timeline, with a little bit of hope more resolution support is added in the next jj2+ update. Although your answer kind of gives away there are no sucessful results.... bummer. Neobeo showed it is possible though, and atm I think it's one of the highest priorities.