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Originally Posted by minmay View Post

The music format made for JJ2. A weird IT variant with no filters, no NNAs, and missing a bunch of effects. Has its own sample compression, with similar ratios to IT2.14. If you use or have used this format at any time after BASS' inclusion in JJ2+, I hate you and sincerely hope you die.
JJ2: Perfectly accurate, by definition.

What to take away from all this
If you don't care about working without BASS, and don't mind converting to it, you should use MO3 for module music in JJ2 levels. If you want your song to play on unmodified JJ2 then you are probably best off looking for XMs or S3Ms; it's rather inconvenient to pick out an IT then find out that JJ2 crashes or plays it badly.
Except J2B had to be used if you wanted to change boss music, before the days of scripted levels. I've also noticed that it's actually JJ2's default music player has occasionally static sounds (well, I notice them, at least), and some music doesn't loop and worst of all, gets stuck on a single channel at the end, and even if you use changemusic, it won't go away until the level is cycled . So please, if you see a J2b version of something, try to find the original module.

You may want to provide some info on the other obscure BASS-compatible formats, but no one uses those (and I don't think they're good) so it's not that important.

Here's some more help for people who want to find and use the mo3 converter, because some might not understand by just going to

1. Click mo3 to the left at the site.
2. At the top, click download. Once you've done that, make a new folder for it, and extract the files out of its ZIP by doing ctrl + A, then pasting into whatever folder you made for it.
3. At the same page, scroll down and go to other stuff. Download OGGENC. The extension will allow you to use this compression method in mo3.exe, which can give you even smaller mo3s. Even the lossless method comes out smaller!
4. Make sure to transfer oggenc.exe into the same folder where mo3.exe is.
5. Open the program mo3.exe. Find a module. In the top left, make sure the encoder selected is OGGEnc. Make sure the slider beside "GO" is all the way to the left, so it doesn't mess with the quality.
6. At the right, now click "GO!" below compression. Hooray! You converted it to mo3.

Alternatively, you can make module files open with mo3.exe by default. Right click the module, select open, then select choose default file. Find mo3.exe. For example, if it's a s3m file, it'll open these type of files this way, and so on.

Anyway, thanks for telling a lot of information, and especially about the extremely overlooked mo3 format and where to find converters.

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