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Apr 1, 2014, 09:02 AM
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Exclamation Oops..

Very thanks!!
But actually..

I was guess this request is just for change the user's nickname.
For example, my personal blog ID,

name to shown when logged in:Louis K

But after this request,
former user name(for me, this is my ID):wogh180
new user name:Louis K

yes. I thought that if this request is accepted, only my user name will changed and the others are not.
but, that was wrong..
for here.. user name itself is ID! perfectly!(That is not I want to be! But sadly! I checked it after request!)

So.. now when I logging in, I always type Louis K instead wogh180.(for me, old one is much more easier to type rather than new one.)

But that's no problem. because this one is not discomfort
Anyway, Thanks to accept my request!
1.Please understand my 'Stupid' english. I always sorry about that..어쩌면 재즈 잭 래빗을 즐기는 유일한 한국인..?
2.Well.. it just my opinion.

Or if you won't, then I'll kill you with this COOL weapon.