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May 14, 2021, 09:23 AM
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Talking Level Contest: Bird Up!

Heya! It's been a while since I last held a level contest. The Jazz Jackrabbit 2 keeps generating more and more high quality Multiplayer content, but what about the Single Player scene? It's about time we get a new wave of great SP levels!

"Bird Up!" is a Single Player level contest themed around Hip Hops, the Jackrabbits' (not so) faithful companion parrots (technically, they're half-pheasant, half-eagle; The more you know!). These avian fellows are present in JJ2 in two different plumages with their own distinct abilities, available both as support for the player and as playable characters.
  • First place gets to pick three Steam keys from a list of popular and well received video games, including (but not limited to) Undertale, Baba Is You, Bioshock Remastered, SUPERHOT, Sonic Mania and many more! You can check out the full list of games here.
  • If there will be more than 4 contestants, there will be a second place as well: two of the remaining Steam keys!
  • And if there will be more than 8 contestants (very unlikely), the third place prize is going to be one of the remaining Steam keys!

The deadline of this contest is August 8st! It's my birthday :3c

Possible questions you may have about this contest:

Q: How can I submit my level?
A: All you have to do is upload it on Jazz2Online and mention in the upload description that the level is a submission for the "Bird Up!" level contest.

Q: What size should the level be?
A: Medium-large is the recommended size, even though any size is accepted.

Q: Is AngelScript allowed?
A: Yes! Not only is it allowed, but I highly encourage using it.

Q: Can I work on the level with someone else?
A: Sure thing! You'll have to decide how you want to split the prize though. No more than two people are allowed to work on a single submission.

Q: What qualifies as a "bird" level?
A: Any level that is centered around Hip Hop, be it as a companion, as the playable character or anything else. As long as the bird is the word key element of the level, it should match the contest's theme. If you're unsure, just ask me! Leave a post in this thread and I will give you an answer. You can also find me on the Jazz Jackrabbit Discord server, I'm usually active there.

Q: How are the winners going to be decided?
A: Through voting on the JJ Discord server, if the server admins agree to it. If you want to vote, you'll most likely find more information on how to do it there when the voting time comes.

If you have any other questions, please post them on this thread or ask me directly in the Jazz Jackrabbit Discord server. May the best, birdiest, featheriest, hiphoppiest level win. Good luck!

"Floppy ears and a big butt?" - Slaz

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