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Jul 12, 2013, 09:09 AM
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JJ2+ is really a marvellous thing; AngelScript is brilliant; but I forgot my old ideas of funny levels from when I was a little boy. Too bad!

I would have some requests fore future versions:
• Allow translations for texts within JJ2+. Some great players could deal with, and I think it would attract newbees from other countries to JJ2+.
• Correct Gem Stomps multiplayer bug: gems don't disappear for other players when you take them. It is very visible in my level FrenchLaby, when I host it.
• Races online should either start with Pregame or /ready, and not with the old 3-seconds-countdown.
• When you come back from a secret level in single player, you've lost all your coins and have no chance to go to the bonus warp!

Thanks for all your work!