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Aug 11, 2013, 10:18 AM
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So, here's a bunch of bugs and feature suggestions:

There's still a bug with coloured names. If you spectate with a coloured name in a non team gamemode (that enables it, such as battle, treasure, coop and sp mode), then it gets changed to a team one while still spectating, your coloured name will appear messed up once you unspectate. Once this is fixed though, I think all the team bugs with coloured names will be gone. I knew about this bug for years, but it requires certain circumstances for it to happen, so that it is not that common.

Plusbutterfly.j2l is also bugged. The boss doesn't work, no matter what difficulty you select. Infact, I even thought for a few months there was supposed to be no boss, until I questioned it and checked the level in JCS. Sometimes the rocket turtle doesn't appear at all, or start in the wall and fly out of the map completely forever. gg.

I still would like to see a feature that stops the person from cycling if the level doesn't have a start pos. It is annoying only to have your server crash just because someone forgot to put a start pos, which is a common thing levelmakers forget to put. Some public console message like "ERROR: Cannot cycle, no start position found!".

Likewise, stopping players from cycling to a cache level if no tileset is found would help too. I can understand it's not much relevant to the plus devs, because they don't host and play online much, though for a host that is looking through their cache folder to find a level, it helps a lot. I have to rehost constantly sometimes just because I don't have a tileset in the main folder. It would stop them from cycling and display a message like "ERROR: (tileset).j2t not found in main folder." At the moment, I have to go through the process of copying the j2l to my main folder, then checking the missing tileset in JCS and then having to paste the j2t into my main folder. Which is tedious (even moreso when the level is passworded).

There's a way to find what the music and level file is, but not the tileset. Being able to know what the tileset file is would allow me to extract it from my cache (so I can play it through a level cache, or even just wanting the level in my main folder) would be a lot easier, otherwise I have to do the tedious JCS cache method (as explained above).

I had suggested these features several months ago, but I probably didn't explain clearly enough why I wanted them.

Also, how do you make the Devan boss animations appear properly? It can effect the masking and break him if they don't appear right.

There are more bugs I know that you guys probably don't know about, but most of them are insignificant (mainly pallette and animation errors) and don't affect gameplay much, or are too cool to fix (I'm using it for a sp level, and it's very unlikely you'll make the bug happen by accident anyway).

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