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Sep 13, 2013, 12:22 AM
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Vines don't work like platforms since you hang from them. It wouldn't be completely identical.

The concept reminds me of Contra, and it works very well there. In these games, to fall off such a platform, you need to press down and then jump, which in JJ2 executes a special move. As such, I wonder what would be a good way to control this falling down without being accidental too often. Simply holding down seems like a too easy way for me - one might want to just duck from a projectile or to look down, for example. Same with down+jump. Then again, making it so that you have to hold down for, say, 2 seconds, it could be too time consuming and thus frustrating. In conclusion, I don't think there's a convenient way out with this concept, but maybe I'm not thinking hard enough.
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