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Oct 4, 2013, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Jerrythabest View Post
I think 3hks happen when the server and the client differ in their opinions about the client's number of hearts. I figure the client dies if the server's opinion is that the client's last heart has been taken.
That's also how I understand it; what I am not sure about is the exact source of the problem: whether it's unreliable transfer of the health packet at protocol level, or perhaps the client deciding to discard the health update for some reason (I've seen 3HKs occur somewhat more frequently when the player gets stuck against a ceiling by seekers in a way that the ceiling prevents further seekers from targetting the player).

Originally Posted by Jerrythabest View Post
...what would then happen if the server would think the client has more hearts than the client itself thinks it does.
It rarely happens anymore because of blur's carrot synchronization fix, but the player will probably either silently ignore the hit without entering the blinking/invincibility state, or play the hurt animation and blink normally, and just stay at the same number of hearts.

A general solution for periodic health synchronization in the protocol would solve both of these issues anyway.