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Originally Posted by DennisKainz View Post
I've had some ideas for some episodes and characters for a Jazz Jackrabbit cartoon:
- Jazz isn't the usual noble hero with strong ideals. He's more of a mercenary who only fights for the pleasure of killing things, and he often breaks the local laws (which furtherly explains why queen Earlong imprisoned him in JJ2).
- The only ones to whom Jazz is loyal are his brother Spaz and his girlfriend Eva.
- There is a little girl called Melina, who always bothers Jazz. One day he's so angry at her that he shoots her with a toaster. When in front of the court, Jazz says that he just wanted to scare her, and that he'd never have shot her.
- In the whole cartoon, Devan is helped by his tougher and less intelligent brother Dirven (the character made up by Acid, I just changed its look and traits)
- In an episode, Bilsy exiles Bubba from Heck, and Bubba decides to follow his childhood dream: running a bakery. However, his pastries are so gross that Jazz turns even greener after trying one.
- In an episode, Jazz realizes he's become a little too violent, since he just threatened Eva with the shotgun. He then decides to try to learn to be peaceful.
- There is a character who is inspired to Jety, who is the only one who actually defeats Jazz in a tournament.
In the final episode, Jazz dies in a falling elevator. Devan claims he just made him believe he could get out of any situation, and when he got sick of him, he trapped him somewhere he couldn't get out of.
- Spaz tries to make the final episode an episode of flashbacks of previous episodes. But Jazz keeps interrupting him, saying this is not the time for that, and that they have to find a way out.
- In an episode, Jazz sells Melina's soul to Bilsy. A clone of Melina replaces her in the outer world. When Eva finds it out, she's outraged. But the contract had a clause: If someone successully takes Melina out of Heck, Jazz must take her place.
- There also are other characters inspired to the JJ2 community, but I haven't elaborated them yet.
That's a founding start, but what about all the other characters such as Eva's cousin Razz a'ma Taz, Lori Jackrabbit and let's not forget Evil Jazz.

I could make Jazz more of a merc who just wants to do the right thing for everyone.

For the little girl idea, I could make Melina more of comic relief character who with her clever jokes and silly gags, always makes Jazz and/or Spaz laugh. Melina would also be the niece of Queen Earlong Melina would even help out Jazz on his adventures with her witty comic gags and smart talk.

For the "jerk character" I was thinking of a boy named Parker Earlong, who is a jerk to Jazz, Spaz, and Eva oftentimes getting then very mad with his pranks and he's the nephew of Queen Earlong and brother to Melina. He also loves to set off firecrackers.

Let's say Jazz accidentally fires off his blaster and unintentionally blasts his own brother; grief-stricken Jazz decided to lay down his weapon for good, be a peaceful rabbit and to let the professionals do the fighting, much to Eva dismay but is later taught that to have a balance between being peaceful and being violent.

Also, I've discussed ideas for a Jazz Jackrabbit cartoon show with a fan on Devant Art here where it all started

heads up, the rest of my idea talking was done in notes.

Also, what are you're opinion on Lori Jackrabbit and Razz a'ma Taz, should they be like held off untill late into the first season and introduced in the seconed season?

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