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Jun 11, 2019, 08:16 PM
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The latest version has been uploaded to J2O. Changes:
  • Added all enemies from episodes 3-6, making there be fifty-seven enemies in all (plus two minor horizontal variants as discussed above).
  • Updated TrueColor and Resize again, meaning the images are now all .png files instead of .bmp, and resizing can involve antialiased edges.
  • Added SetPointsFormula method.
  • Small bug fixes to flying snake enemies (e.g. Orbitus_SilverSnake) and to certain resized enemies using the SetEnemySpeedsAreScalable method.
  • Fix to TrueColor version of Holidaius_HandHorizontal

Fun fact that doesn't affect you in any way: almost all the enemies use shared behavior classes with no more specification than a few numbers and their animation structures. Only the following enemies require actual method overrides:
  • Letni_BugCeiling (unique walking-on-ceiling behavior)
  • Scraparap_GunnerDrone (unique death animation)
  • Scraparap_LaunchCart (you can stand on it without being hurt)
  • Turtemple_JeTurtle (unique floating-on-water behavior)
  • Dreempipes_TerrapinSwimmer (sleeps above water)
  • Pezrox_ClammyVertical (unique moving-up-and-down behavior)
  • Crysilis_GoldenBounceSpike (animation implemented in code instead of .j2a)
  • Battleships_Generator (doesn't hurt and is drawn to the foreground)

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