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Jul 17, 2017, 06:23 AM
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Vanilla physics in Plus (Speedrun mode? Open-source part of Plus?)


Vanilla JJ2 crashes in Wine between levels often. Plus fixes that crash and works as it should, very good work.

Problem: Plus changes the physics in singleplayer, making speedruns incomparable between Plus and Vanilla. Plus removes some boss quick-kills, removes the bitchslap damage boost in Victorian Secret, etc. What to do?
  • Plus gets a speedrun mode: Medium difficulty with vanilla physics. We wouldn't even need a timer for now. Still, this is work for the devs to make extra UI and special-case the physics.
  • Plus becomes partly open-sourced, so I can learn from that and compile a JJ2 patch that fixes Vanilla's crashes between levels, but doesn't touch physics. Violet wouldn't like Plus entirely open-sourced, mainly to limit multiplayer cheating, and I respect that decision.
  • Make a compelling argument that all runners should migrate to Plus? But for comparing runs over the years, this is the worst option. Plus should fix future physics bugs as appropriate.
  • Declare wontfix because speedrunners on Linux are a minority? After all, Vanilla doesn't crash on Windows this often.
Compared with other speedrunners, my JJ2 times are lousy: I haven't attempted Spaz runs at all, my Jazz run is 29 minutes compared to Binary's 19:40.

Shtrudel has been learning the Jazz run and that sparked my interest again. Even before, I've had the itch several times to run Jazz 2, but didn't do it because I'd have to choose between crashes and physics differences. Shtrudel considers learning the run on Plus, not on Vanilla like everybody else, merely to compare with me.

-- Simon

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