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Dec 6, 2014, 06:18 AM
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A new tournament idea

Originally posted on some other thread

Originally Posted by Jelly Jam View Post
Okay, i don't know if this is the right thread to post my idea, and i don't like blowing your people's minds with suggestions and such. But, i have a little idea for YET ANOTHER JJ2 tournament...
So, you know how at the national tournament of jj2 countries play ctf for the best ctf playing country? Well, this time it's the same, but they're not fighting for just ctf, they're fighting for all gamemodes. Just like when countries play alot of sports at the olympic games, and the winner is the country with the most medals. I hope you all know what i mean what i'm trying to say :P
However though, I am nobody to orginise such a tournament. So, the reason i'm posting this is:
1. I just need (ALOT) of help with it. I'm not orginised enough to... well... host a tournament. I barely have time for JJ2 now. So if there is some people here who are capable of doing this stuff instead of me, i would be very happy :P.
2. There wasn't a JDC or a NT for a long time, and i think this kind of big tournament should be a snap.

And yes i posted something on a thread which wasn't updated with replies for months.Happy?
It's all there. I just wanna see if anyone is interested...