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Apr 22, 2021, 09:11 AM
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Tubelectric 2: Yes, the good fix is to lower the treasure count; let's also remove the out-of-bounds treasure because we're editing this file anyway. Then it will agree with the auto-counter.

Nippius 2: Since the path doesn't branch, I'm considering to rearrange the treasures. Otherwise, players will agonize over the visibly missed cones. One possibility is to put the cones in a vertical line directly over the rightmost spring, if you deem that within the map's spirit. Or we can reduce the row of 5 to 1 cone; maybe reduce it to 2, but that's a trickier stunt.

Battleships 2: Thanks for the opinion. I'll have to sleep over it, and over the findings. I like the spirit that 100% should be doable without weird tech, but it will dilute the meaning of "100%". It's also conceivable to change the map to clearly allow/disallow certain backtracking, but allowing to discover the tech in the unedited map is really cute. Hmm...

This weekend, I'll play Nippius 2 and Deserto 1+2, to come back to your research and questioning of the cones in the spring shaft.

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