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Apr 28, 2021, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Love & Thunder View Post
Personally, I would leave the out of bounds treasure alone, and only change the 100% numbers. [...] It's an easter egg.
I'm good with this. After all, the out-of-bounds treasure is not misleading.

Nippius 2 [...] So, yes, I agree. Good call.
Thanks! I'll edit Nippius 2 then, but I'll wait until I'm done researching the spring shaft.

I haven't spent much time on the spring shaft yet, I'll do it this weekend at latest. I'd like to either collect all treasures in the spring shaft or prove it impossible. I conjecture that it's possible and merely very annoying.

The main trick is to bonk Jazz's head on the central rocks to cancel short the spring flights. It's also possible to hold Down+Jump when you ascend through a bridge tile (= a semi-solid tile that Jazz can pass upwards, but where Jazz will then sit on like on any other ground) to convert the spring flight into a regular jump, but you still need to bonk Jazz's head on rocks at other times.

I'm not sure if speed shoes are good or bad for the endeavor; precise maneuvering with speed shoes is nothing short of weird science. The benefit of speed shoes is to be able to jump to lowermost central rocks without taking a spring.

It's a constructed idea, it exists in the design of the level itself, so it shouldn't bend to obscure, unexpected behaviour that take a certain mastery of the mechanics to achieve.
I would resist changing the layout of the level.
After sleeping over Battleships 2 several times, I've come to agree with you. We shouldn't change the level's tile layout. Changing how exactly the path forks feels like too intrusive a change.

Go ahead with your proposed editing of enemy/treasure numbers for 100%. I'll happily test your level to check that 100% is possible without advanced trickery, and I'll also test how the engine reacts to scoring over 100% on your version.

-- Simon