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Jul 20, 2021, 03:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Simon View Post
Why? Do you find it hard to swivel away from the level 2 spring after the level 1 spring bounces you into the level 1 yellow cones?

You bounce very quickly, so the timing is crazy narrow. Similarly, getting all the collectibles on the left-hand side of level 3 without getting launched up so you can't get the ones on the right is very difficult. (Though the choice of the left-hand ones over the right-hand ones is arbitrary)

Originally Posted by Simon View Post
This 100% research will certainly slow the release of Gog patch 1. Do you want to fix all 100% bugs at once in patch 1? I don't have much time either way. We've already produced lots of new stuff that I still want to document on my Jazz page. There are at least 3 yet-undocumented version differences (good-1.2 lacks falling leaves in Jungrock, 1.3 puts a blue spring in Exoticus 1 near the halfway checkmark, 1.3 has no Deserto 1/2 spawners on Medium), I found new speedtech, ...

-- Simon
I've been thinking about this too.

We've got the core playability fixes ready, and we've had them ready for quite some time, so I think we should move forward with that as patch 1. I would imagine and hope that GOG is willing to accept a second update later that fixes the 100%ability which may take ages and would delay these key, playability fixes if we waited to do it all at once.

So, yes, I think we should just get the first patch out and say "This patch restores the game's first 6 episodes to how they played in the initial versions before the CD revisions broke these levels in various ways (especially Orbitus 2). We have several other smaller things to fix in regards to many levels being impossible to get 100% completion on, which may take some time, so we'd like to do a second patch down the line to fix those issues, which may be several months away."